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12 Wide Mouth Canning Bands and Lids (86 mm)


Canning food is a useful tradition, economical and super trendy! Starfrit offers a range of accessories to make the job easier when it comes to canning your favorite foods in a safe way. Starfrit premium quality lids and bands will preserve your food for longer by ensuring optimal flavor preservation!

  • Premium quality lids and bands made in USA.
  • Fit all wide mouth glass jars including half pints, pints and quarts.
  • Thicker metal lid with 5 layers of corrosion protection to keep your food safe longer up to 36 months of preservation.
  • Unique blue seal rubber, wider than other leading brands.
  • Designed to prevent buckling.
  • Safe for high pressure canning.
  • FDA compliant, BPA free.
  • Distinctive "pop" sound ensures seal.
  • Lid's diameter: 86 mm.
  • Single-use lid: Use a fresh lid every time to ensure your jars seal properly, safely preserving your food.


NOTE: Wash carefully before first use.