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LocknLock ECO

LocknLock ECO

Using our leftovers for your leftovers

The LocknLock ECO collection is made from 100% food grade waste plastic. Every time plastic food storage containers are produced, they start with plastic pallets. Here, extra plastic collected throughout production with off-cuts, trims, production overruns and other surplus plastic to create the ECO range.

Each production uses different color pallets, so every container's color is different, every lid produced is of different colors. The result? A collection that is environmentally-friendly because it uses waste plastic during production and because using reusable containers is better than plastsic wraps or bags. 

Turning waste plastic into food storage containers

Our collection includes:

  • 11oz / 350ml rectangular container
  • 15oz / 470ml rectangular container
  • 29oz / 870ml square container
  • 34oz / 1L rectangular container
  • 87oz / 2.6L rectangular container

Today, the production of containers looks like this. Tomorrow, they might look different!


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