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Heritage The Rock 14" x 14" Electric Pan

36cm x 36cm / 14" x 14"
1200 W
User guide
You can now cook and serve your favorite foods in the same cooking vessel with the Heritage The Rock 14" Electric Pan. Our patented Rock.Tec technology ensures that nothing will stick to your cooking surface during the cooking process. What's more is the extra thick plate guaranties an even heat distribution for optimal results every time. The Electric Pan also has a removable cooking vessel for quick and easy cleaning. The decorative cool touch base lets you serve your guests safely and helps avoid hand contact with any hot surfaces.
  • Patented The Rock non-stick technology
  • EXTRA-THICK Cast aluminum vessel
  • 14" cooking surface
  • 1200 Watts
  • Removable cooking vessel
  • Adjustable temperature control
  • Tempered glass lid
  • Cool touch, decorative PP base
  • Pressed heating element

Available exclusively at Canadian Tire

NOTE: Wash carefully before first use.


  • Before each use, ensure the knob is securely attached and retighten as necessary.
  • Store the product in a cool, dry place.
  • For better non-stick performance, it is recommended to add a teaspoon of cooking oil prior to each use.
  • Never heat an empty utensil. Be sure there is oil, butter, liquid or food before placing the cookware on the range or
  • Cooking on excessive heat can cause warping of the cookware and permanent damage to the non-stick coating.
  • Never cut anything in the cookware or use utensils with sharp edges as to avoid piercing the non-stick surface.
  • Add salt to water only after it has come to a boil. Salt grain deposit on the cookware bottom will attack the metal as
the heat melts it down.
  • Never use metal scouring pads to clean the non-stick surface.
  • Never put cold water into a hot utensil. Sudden changes of temperature may cause metal to warp, resulting in an uneven
bottom. Let cookware cool down on its own or place in lukewarm soapy water.
  • The exterior may become dull and discolored due to the action of certain detergents.
Our warranty does not cover this type of wear, as the performance of the pan is not affected

This warranty covers any defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one (1) year from the date of the original purchase. Please retain your original receipt as a proof of the purchase date. Any complaints must be registered within the warranty period. The product will be repaired, replaced (parts or entire appliance) or refunded at our sole discretion. Shipping charges may apply.
This warranty does not cover normal wear of parts or damage resulting from any of the following: Negligent use or misuse of the product including failure to clean the product regularly, use for commercial purposes, accident, use on improper voltage or current, use contrary to the operating instructions, disassembly, repair or altercation by anyone other than a HERITAGE authorized service agent.
Stains, discoloration and minor scratches on the inside and outside of the utensil constitute normal use, do not affect performance, and are not covered by this warranty. Decisions as to the cause of damage are the responsibility of Heritage. All decisions will be final