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Atlantic Promotions is known for being opened to new ideas and innovative concepts… and even better known for the amount of careful research and development we put into new products we decide to promote.

What sort of products? Products that are mass oriented for starters. Products that are easy to demonstrate and understand. Products that are easy to work with, easy to care for and dependable over a long and useful life. Perfect products well, as perfect as we can make them at a competitive price. Atlantic Promotions has been enjoying the excitement and success for 50 years.

Many of our most innovative products come to us from independent inventors. The Pants Saver car mats, the Oskar snow shovel and brushes, the Citrus Express, the Garlic Genius are just some of the inventions that were submitted to us through the years. All these ideas come from people who, one day, have turned towards Atlantic Promotions to achieve their dream; to see their concept / product distributed at a large scale.

Protection of ideas and concepts

Atlantic Promotions has the necessary expertise to protect the rights of new ideas and concepts submitted by inventors and plays an essential role in the process of applying and obtaining patent protection.

A network of worldwide relations

A network of worldwide relations represent a rich pool of resources in both creative development and manufacturing. Matching the best possible resources here in Canada and abroad greatly accelerates the development phase of working prototypes for market studies.

Being at the scene of every major international tradeshows, we are able to stay on top of all the latest trends, while keeping our eyes out for new products with mass-market potential. We take this knowledge home with us, and use it to make sure that we are not spending precious time and effort on an item that is already available elsewhere.

Submit your idea

If you are working on a concept or have an idea for a “never seen before” kitchen product, we want to hear from you! We are now specialized only in kitchen products, from food preparation, cooking to kitchen storage. Our internal experts will evaluate the potential and we will discuss with you if we can go ahead with what you have in mind.

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