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Heritage Hand Mixer

The Heritage Hand Mixer lets you beat, whip, mix and even knead. When you don't want to take out the stand mixer or when you want to prepare quick recipes, this Electric Hand Mixer comes in handy! The mixer comes with two attachments: beaters (2) and dough hooks (2).

  • Perfect for everyday tasks or special occasions.
  • Saves time.
  • Compact and portable design.
  • Versatile tips: 1 set of beaters and dough hooks included.
  • Allows you to perform multiple tasks: beat eggs, mix cake batter, whip cream, knead dough.
  • 5 variable speed control for easy use and adapted to the needs of your recipes.
  • Designed to sit upright to avoid spills and for convenient, compact storage.
  • Release button for quick and easy removal of beaters or dough hooks.
  • Adjustable cord.
  • Removable and dishwasher-safe accessories.
  • Release button: allows easy and quick removal of beaters / hooks without mess.
  • 250 Watts.

Only available at Canadian Tire


NOTE: Wash carefully before first use.


Please refer to the instruction manual for further instructions. Before first use:

  • Remove all components and accessories from the box. Discard the packaging.
  • Clean all components and accessories in hot soapy water and dry completely. You can also wash them in the dishwasher.
  • Clean the motor base with a damp cloth and dry completely.

The warranty covers all defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one (1) year following purchase. Keep the original receipt as proof of purchase. To be accepted, claims must be made within the warranty period. The device will be repaired, replaced (in whole or in part, including the blades) or refunded at our sole discretion. Shipping charges may apply.
This warranty does not cover the consequences of normal wear of parts or damage due to any of the following causes:
Neglect or misuse of the device, including by accident or failure to clean the device on a regular basis, by using it for commercial purposes, or by connecting the appliance on a circuit of improper voltage or voltage, or as a result of failure to follow the operating instructions or as a result of disassembly, repair or alteration of the appliance by anyone except a representative authorized by
LEGACY. The decision as to the cause of the damage to the device remains the responsibility of Heritage. All decisions are final.