The Rock Multifunctional Cookware with T-Lock Detachable Handle

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Space-Saving Cookware with Detachable Handle

  • Multifunctional design; to cook, to bake and to serve.
  • Perfectly stackable, saves 40% more space in the kitchen drawers!
  • The new T-LOCK a versatile must have for every kitchen! 


  1. DETACHABLE HANDLE WITH T-LOCK SYSTEM; secure and easy-to-use
  2. ROCK.TEC SURFACE INTERIOR for outstanding non-stick release
  3. PERFECTLY NESTABLE for organized and space-saving storage
  4. FORGED ALUMINUM BASE for perfect heat distribution
  5. DISHWASHER and OVEN SAFE up to 450 F / 230 C*
Perfectly Nestable
Secure and Easy
Saves 40% More Space
On stovetop
In the oven
At the table