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What baking accessories do you need in the kitchen?

What baking accessories do you need in the kitchen?

Great cooks will tell you: cooking is not complicated if you have the right tools! The same goes for pastry, where each accessory has its uses. Whether it's mixing, whipping, measuring, cooking or beating, it's always easier and faster to make a recipe if you have what it takes.

For a well-equipped kitchen and to facilitate the preparation of your pastry recipes, here are the accessories that you absolutely must have!


1- A set of measuring spoons

You might think that owning a set of measuring spoons is basic in the kitchen and you're not wrong! For measuring small quantities, they are perfect, and they do not take up too much space in your kitchen drawers.

There are all kinds of measuring spoon sets to suit all your needs:

  • folding spoons
  • Paired with a set of measuring cups.
  • Eco-responsible spoons
  • With a leveler

This way, you can choose the set or sets of measuring spoons that will be most useful to you during the preparation of your baking recipes.


2- A set of measuring cups

Just like measuring spoons, measuring cups are essential accessories in any kitchen. There are several models for ml cups as well:

  • collapsible cups
  • Paired with a set of measuring spoons
  • Eco-friendly mugs
  • With a leveler

Measuring cups are very useful in baking, so make sure you have some at home!


3- A spatula

There are all kinds of different spatula designs and there is something for everyone! Spatulas are great for baking recipes, whether scraping batter from the sides of a bowl or spreading a mixture into a pan.

Here are some of our spatulas:

  • Polka dot pattern spatula
  • The silicone spatula
  • The angled spatula
  • The big spatula
  • The average spatula
  • The little spatula
  • spatula with whisk cleaner

4- A rolling pin

The rolling pin is essential for making several pastry recipes, such as pies, certain cakes or certain cookies.

The rolling pin made in Quebec from Canadian maple will become your favourite tool for your pastry recipes!


5- A baking mat

Forget parchment paper, the silicone baking mat is your new best friend for baking!

In rectangular or round format, the silicone mat is not only ecological, but it facilitates cooking on the plate. Indeed, it is non-stick, reusable and easy to store.


6- A ceramic baking dish

If you like to cook cakes, bread, brownies or any other recipe, the ceramic ovenproof dish is the ideal accessory for you.

The Rock ceramic cookware is easy to clean and non-stick, plus it's dishwasher, oven, fridge and freezer safe. They are available in 4 different formats:

  • Rectangular 9.5 X 13 inches
  • Square 9 X 9 inches
  • 5 inch round
  • Rectangular 4 X 8 inches


7- A whip

The ideal accessory to create a homogeneous mixture with your ingredients is the whisk. It is also used in most pastry recipes and is an essential accessory to have in the kitchen.

Choose from the Starfrit whisk, the silicone whisk or the whisk with built-in scraper, the one that best suits your recipes.


8- A set of muffin tins

Whether cooking muffins or cupcakes, silicone molds are very practical and easy to use. Plus, they can be reused from one recipe to another. They are also non-stick and can be used both in a muffin tin and on a cookie sheet.


9- Basting brush

The basting brush is very useful in the kitchen, not only for baking recipes, but also for several other recipes. We have several models:

  • The silicone brush
  • The brush duo - one small and one large
  • The Starfrit brush
  • The silicone brush set


10- Hourglass Timer

In pastry and in general in the kitchen, the timer is essential to achieve a perfect recipe. The triple hourglass offers three different times: 1, 3 and 5 minutes. In addition, the minutes pass simultaneously, which is ideal when you have several tasks to perform at the same time.


11- A kitchen scale

In the kitchen, a scale is very useful to weigh your ingredients and thus ensure that you have the right quantity required. In pastry, respecting the quantities is very important, and a kitchen scale can help you in this regard.


For more pastry accessories, do not hesitate to visit our Pastry section!

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