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Canning Rack

Dishwasher safe
Canning food is a useful tradition, economical and super trendy! Starfrit offers a range of accessories to make the job easier when it comes to canning your favorite foods in a safe way. Presenting the canning rack that adapts to all sizes of containers.
  • Allows water circulation for safe sterilization
  • Wire belts properly encircle jars for increased stability
  • Holds up to 7 half pint or pint jars
  • Reversible to hold up to 4-quart size jars
  • Provides efficient counter display during cooling process
  • Fits most standard 16 qt stock pots
  • 10.1 inch diameter
  • A 0.8 inch distance from pot wall is recommended to ensure a secure manipulation of jars
  • Rust proof

NOTE: Wash carefully before first use.


Dishwasher safe
One year warranty with proof of purchase