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10 Easy steps to canning!

10 Easy steps to canning!

You’ve seen your mother do it, your aunt or event your neighbor but have always been afraid to try? With tomatoes being abundant and ripe these days, it’s tempting to try! Here are 10 easy steps to canning… not that complicated. Simply find your favorite recipe and try!

  1. Prepare the food you want to can… use your favorite recipe! Beets, tomatoes, fresh fruit jams, your imagination is the limit!
  2. Wash jars in hot soapy water.
  3. Place the jars in a stockpot over high heat. Boil water to sterilize the jars at least 10 minutes before filling. Five (5) minutes before the end, boil lids 5 minutes to soften the sealing compound and sterilize. Only the soft product can be modeled on a rim of the jar and give an airtight seal.
  4. Fill jars with favorite food using a funnel. Never fill to the rim, always leave space at the top according to this: Jellies & jams: ¼ inch (0.5 cm) Fruits, pickles, tomatoes, relishes, chutneys: ½ inch (1 cm)
  5. With a small spatula, mix the food in the jar to make sure there are no bubbles. Measure again to make sure there is enough space at the top of the container as in Step 4.
  6. Wipe the jar rims with a damp cloth.
  7. With the lid lifter, place the lid on the jar and screw the ring. Do not over tight the ring so the steam that is created during the sterilization can escape.
  8. Place the filled jars with the lid/ring screwed in a large stockpot with hot water. Jars must be covered at least 1 to 2 inches (2.5 to 5 cm) of water.  Bring water to a boil and leave with recommended times from the recipe. Close the fire and remove the jars with the jar lifterand place the jars on a cloth. Do not tighten the rings of the jars.
  9. The jars must cool down for 24 hours. During this period, lids will make a little noise and will bend towards the inside of the jar. Subsequently, tighten the rings completely. However, if the lid does not bend forward, the jar is not sealed. It is recommended you consume its contents within a 2-week time period
  10. Label and store the jars in a cool and dark space. Enjoy!