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Starfrit Apple Pro Peeler

Starfrit Apple Pro Peeler

There are kitchen gadgets to help you tackle just about any chore in the kitchen. One of the most useful, time-saving tools are apple peelers, and it doesn’t get any better than Starfrit’s Apple Pro Peeler.   This tool is essential for any apple-lover. Planning on making apple pies, cobblers, tarts or other delicious baked goods for the holidays? It’s time-consuming when you have to peel a pile of apples just to make a single dessert. And what if your kids want to help? It’s not safe to hand a child a standard hand peeler, especially when they just want a quick snack. But if you have Starfrit’s Apple Pro Peeler, you can have perfectly peeled apples ready in just seconds with no mess and easy cleanup. All you have to do is set an apple on the device’s spiked holder and turn the handle. Four suction-cup feet will keep the gadget in place as the stainless steel blade effortlessly moves up the apple, removing a very thin layer of skin to preserve as much of the fruit as possible. The spring-loaded arm automatically adapts so this tool will work with apples of all shapes and sizes. Starfrit’s Apple Pro Peeler also comes with a hand-held slicer-corer. So when your kids want that afternoon snack, you can slice them into equal wedges so it’s ready even faster. Or you can use it to breeze through the task of slicing apple after apple for those pies and crisps. Want to make your snack a little more exciting? Spruce up your perfectly peeled apples with some of these tasty ideas:

  • Set apple wedges on crackers and top with cheddar cheese for a classic pairing—or use soft brie cheese for something different.
  • Spread the wedges with peanut butter, then sprinkle on raisins, granola, or even mini chocolate chips.
  • Dip apple wedges into a yogurt dip for a lunchtime snack, or try hazelnut spread or caramel sauce for a sweet and simple dessert.
  • Making grilled cheese? Add apple slices to your sandwich for an extra crunch.
  • Turn them into kebabs with other fresh fruits like oranges, strawberries, bananas and more.
  • Place apple wedges in a bowl, sprinkle them with cinnamon and sugar, then cover them and cook in the microwave for two minutes until tender for a warm, sweet treat.

Want to see the Apple Pro Peeler in action? Check out our Youtube Video