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Are coated knives and ceramic knives the same? How can we tell them apart?

Are coated knives and ceramic knives the same? How can we tell them apart?

At first glance, it’s easy to think that both ceramic knives that have black or white blades and coated knives that can be very colorful are the same. As consumers, seeing knife blades that are other than stainless steel is relatively new. How are ceramic knives and coated knives different? How can you tell them apart? A few helpful tips will help tell them apart.

Color of the blade

  • Ceramic knives usually have either a black or white blade
  • Coated blade knives have blades available in a wide variety of colors and can even have original prints on the coated blade

Ceramic blade knives - specifics

  • The blades are razor sharp and retain their original sharpness longer than steel knives
  • They offer a very price cut
  • The blades do not rust
  • They do not transfer metal ions to food
  • They do not oxidize fruits and vegetables: the inside of an apple will remain white longer when cut with a ceramic knife; lettuce won’t turn brown either!
  • Ceramic blades should not be used for carving or in any application that requires flexing or twisting the blade
  • Ceramic knives should only be used with plastic or wood cutting boards to avoid chipping the blade

Coated blade knives - specifics

  • Coated blades are high carbon stainless steel blades that have a non-stick coating
  • The coating is non-stick, which means that food won’t stick to the blade
  • The handles of Starfrit coated knives have an antibacterial protection
  • Coated knives can be used with any type of cutting board, but as with any knife, wood or plastic is preferred to keep the sharpness of the blade longer
  • The stainless steel blades are more resistant than ceramic blades
  • A wide variety of knife shapes and sizes is available
  • The « bread » or « chef » knives are typically offered with stainless steel blades

Now that you know the difference between a ceramic knife and a coated knife, what would you choose?