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Handles are crucial parts of a cookware that many overlook. It provides stability, safety and most importantly it allows the lifting of the cookware from one play to another. Not having a well-designed handle that is suitable for your needs, can be very inconvenient. While handles can be made of a various types of materials, they are all designed to perform similar tasks. As handles absorb heat, there are no handle that can be completely cool to the touch when the cookware is in use. For this reason, always use a mitt or other protective device when handling a hot cookware.

Here are the temperatures each material can typically withstand in the oven:

  • silicone: 392 F / 200 F
  • bakelite: 350 F / 176 C
  • bakelite with soft touch: 300 F / 149 C
  • stainless steel: 500 F / 260 C