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What is the MIGHTIGRIP?

The MightiGrip is a multifunction jar opener

  • Strain-free lid opening (from 0.5" to 4" lid diameter)
  • Packaging blade to open plastic packaging / cardboard boxes
  • Bottle opener (soft drinks, beer)
  • Tab opener (on cans)
  • Convenient integrated magnifier (zooms 4x the actual size)

Your hands are not as strong as they used to? The MightiGrip is the perfect tool for you. Keep it handy in the kitchen to open bottles, cans, packaging and more.

Having issues reading ingredients or preparation instructions? Use the MightiGrip to magnify what is written on packaging.


What is does:

Opens beer bottles easily
The tip of the tool has a blade that folds out to cut plastic and cardboard packaging
Tab opener - for soft drinks or canned food
Magnifier to zoom up to 4x the actual size