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Crispy Chicken Skewers

30 minutes
15 minutes
1 servings
Delicious crispy chicken skewers marinated in Maille's extra spicy mustard, honey and smoked paprika sprinkled with rice crisps. The Starfrit BBQ Skewers allow you to remove the meat easily and mess free thanks to the integrated slider.


  • 4 Boneless chicken thighs
  • 2 tbsp Maille extra spicy mustard
  • 3 tbsp Honey
  • 1 tbsp Olive oil
  • 1 clove Garlic
  • 1/2 cup Rice Crisps (cereal)
  • 1/4 tea spoon Smoked paprika


Preheat your oven to 425 F°


  • Cut the chicken in small cubes or strips. 
  • Mince the garlic. In a bowl, mix the Maille extra spicy mustard, half of the honey, the smoked paprika, the garlic and the olive oil. 
  • Marinade the chicken in this mix in the fridge for 45 minutes.
  • Skewer the chicken on the Starfrit BBQ Skewers. 
  • Transfer the skewers on to a baking sheet and cook it in the oven for 12 to 15 minutes.


  • Once the skewers are out of the oven, drizzle the rest of the warmed honey on top and sprinkle with Rice crisps. 
  • Serve immediately.


Chef's tip

  • You can switch for another mustard in this recipe.
  • You can also replace the rice crisps with corn flakes for a crunchier result.

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