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Single-Serve Coffeemaker

12 oz / 360 ml
600 W
User guide
Perfect for individual portions, this coffeemaker comes with a BONUS travel mug made of durable stainless steel
- a $10 value! Its compact format makes it easy to store in the tightest spaces. Serve up the ideal cup of coffee with the Starfrit Single-Serve Coffeemaker.
  • 0.36L / 0.38 Qt capacity
  • Perfect for dorms, offices, small appartments and much more
  • Accommodates most travel mugs and regular mugs
  • Reusable, removable and dishwasher-safe filter basket and funnel
  • Boil-dry protection
  • Easy-to-use ON/OFF mechanism
  • Anti-slip base
  • 600 Watts 

NOTE: Wash carefully before first use.


CAUTION: Be sure to unplug this appliance before cleaning. To protect against electrical shock, do not immerse cord, plug or unit in water or any other liquid. After each use, always make sure plug is first removed from wall outlet.
1. Clean all detachable parts after each use in hot soapy water.
2. Wipe the exterior surface of unit with a soft, damp cloth to remove stains.
3. Water droplets may buildup in the above area of the funnel and drip onto the product base during brewing. To control the dripping, wipe off the area with a clean, dry cloth after each use.
4. Use a damp cloth to gently wipe the mug rest and travel mug. Never use an abrasive cleaner.
5. Assemble all parts and put aside for next use.
CLEANING WITH VINEGAR Mineral deposits left by hard water can clog your coffeemaker. Cleaning is recommended once a month.Excessive steaming or a prolonged brewing cycle is a sign that a cleaning is needed.
1. Fill the water tank to about 1/3 full with white vinegar and then to the "Max" line with cold water.
2. Place the travel mug on the mug rest.
3. Press the Power Button switch and let the cleaning solution brew through until the unit shuts off automatically. Discard the solution.
4. Repeat the process using a new solution
do not reuse the first solution.
5. Use the mug to fill the reservoir with cold water and brew the plain water through to flush out any remaining solution. You may have to repeat the plain water cycle to remove any remaining vinegar taste.
6. Wash and dry the permanent filter, filter holder and lid and mug as instructed in CLEANING AND MAINTENANCE.
1-year limited warranty with proof of purchase.