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Atlantic Promotions... 50 years of innovation!

You want to get an idea of the evolution of Atlantic Promotions through the years? Here is a trip through time with events on major dates that marked the evolution of the company from its inception in 1965 to today. You'll notice many products were launched through the years and that Atlantic Promotions were innovators in the market with many of its market introductions in Canada and the United States. Did you know that liquid hand soap did not exist before we launched it? You'll discover many more innovations... read on!

  • October 26th, 1965: Jacques Gatien incorporates Atlantic Promotions Inc.
  • 1967: The adventure continues with the creation of Citadelle Pools where Mr Gatien and his associates demonstrated the outdoor pools at a major shopping center in Montreal (Place Versailles).
  • 1968: Start of the T-Fal collaboration. First TV commercials featuring Mrs Françoise Gaudet-Smet and her tag line "T-Fal, it's my fry pan!".
  • 1969: Launch of the Krazy Karpet
  • 1972: TV commercial featuring the Olympic 80 Mini Skis with the future olympic medalist Philippe Laroche at age 6.
  • 1973: Launch of the Krazy Glue.

  • 1974: Launch of the Vileda Shammy following a collaboration with the Freudenberg Group.
  • 1975: Launch of the "Soirée Québécoise du Temps des Fêtes" album under the Promoson label, division of Atlantic Promotions. Had the record of the highest number of copies sold (300,000). 
  • 1978: Launch of the plant fertilizer "Vitagrow" with its famous tag line from Gaston Charbonneau: "Parole de Charbonneau, c'est Vitagrow qu'il leur faut!" (You have my word, you need Vitagrow).
  • 1980: Launch of the Bee Mop - more than 5,000,000 units sold!
  • 1981: A revolution in car wax, the "Nu Finish" wax that claimed" After many washes, the water beads still stays at the surface" (Après plusieurs lavages, l'eau perle encore!).
  • 1982: Something new in car mats, the launch of Pants Savers with its spokesperson Jacques Duval, car expert and columnist.
  • 1983: Launch of the Milan liquid soap. One million units sold its first 3 months on the market.

  • 1985: Launch of the 2 first Starfrit products: rotating chopper and fry cutter.
  • 1987: Launch of the Oskar broom.
  • 1996: Purchase of the company "Les Produits Arsenault Limitée" with the Hertel product line.
  • 1997: Launch in the United States of the Starfrit Citrus Express.
  • 1998: Launch of the Starfrit Rotato in the United States.
  • 1998: Loss of the T-Fal distribution.

  • 2001: Start of the LocknLock distribution in Canada.
  • 2002: Launch of cast aluminum cookware under the Starfrit and Heritage brands.
  • 2004: Sale of the cleaning division (Bee Mop) to the Freudenberg group and the Hertel products to Lavo. 
  • 2005: Sale of Oskar car products to Koolatron to concentrate uniquely on kitchenware.
  • 2011: Start of the Ricardo partnership under license.
  • 2012: Launch of The Rock products in North America.