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L’importance des contenants étanches pour conserver votre nourriture

L’importance des contenants étanches pour conserver votre nourriture

Whether you want to store leftovers, lunches, snacks or any other food, it's important that the food storage containers you choose be airtight and liquidtight. Choosing the appropriate container can also have many advantages. Here are a few.


Keep food freshness

By placing produce in airtight containers, you will help keep them fresher than leaving them in their box/bag. In contact with ambiant air, food can become ripe or sometimes unusable if you wait too long to use. By having them secured in an airtight container, the freshness lasts longer.

Keep bugs away

Another advantage of having airtight containers is that you keep away bugs / mice / other away from the food. If placed in a cardboard box or left in their original bag, rodents can easily make their way through packaging and get to the food. 

By keeping food in storage containers, you avoid contamination of your food by unwanted guests in your pantry.

Optimize pantry storage

Sometimes coming back from grocery shopping and putting food away can become a puzzle fitting everything in. Have you ever thought of placing all your dry food / spices in storage containers that helps with organization.

It's also easy to identify food because of the transparency of containers as well as labels that help find things faster.

Use airtight containers for all your needs

Airtight and liquidtight food storage containers exist in many shapes and sizes - you choose what you need. You can use plastic containers, glass containers, pantry storage containers and even lunch containers for food on the go. As they are liquidtight, these containers can also hold liquid food, such as soups, beverages, as well as hard foods. 

When you make your choice of container, make sure you choose the right size. Some smaller containers are made for lunches - larger storage containers are perfect for dry food such as flour, sugar, rice, oatmeal flakes, cereal and more.

Note that some containers are refrigerator safe, freezer, microwave and dishwasher safe. Glass containers are appreciated by eco-friendly consumers. Containers are not only perfect to store food, they are also easy to maintain and they help keep food fresh.


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