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Reinvent the way you eat vegetables

Reinvent the way you eat vegetables

According to the Canada's new Food Guide, half of our meals should consist of fruits and vegetables. Sometimes, veggies are not all popular... eating them should not be a chore. Forget boiled vegetables that loose their vitamins and taste during the process. Opt for new ways of preparing / presenting vegetables in your plate.

Spiralized vegetables

Serving spiralized vegetables is not only original but it also adds nice colors to your plate. With an electric spiralizer, you can create spirals or ribbons for a wide variety of veggie: carrots, zucchini, potatoes, sweet potatoes, beets and many others.

Whether you serve spiralized vegetables as a main meal, a side dish or to decorate a plate, your meal will be a hit even with the most difficult kids!

Healthy fries, it's possible!

To create home fries, no need to purchase an expensive deep fryer that uses a lot of oil and that makes your potatoes or other fried vegetables greassy. With an Air Fryer, you can create French fries with little or no oil. The Air Fryer will make your vegetables soft and crunchy while maintaining a healthy lifestyle!

Steamed vegetables

Steam cooking vegetables increases their flavor while preserving their vitamins and nutrients. It's a great alternative to boiled vegetables and it very easy to prepare by using a Silicone Steamer.  Simply rinse your vegetables and place the Steamer in the microwave for 4 to 5 minutes. It also is oven safe - use the steamer as a cake mould or to prepare oven-baked meals.

Varied cuts of vegetables

Don't hesitate to vary the way you serve / prepare your vegetables to vary your meals. With the Electric Mandoline, you can dice vegetables, get juliennes, slice them or grate them!  By using the Electric Mandoline, you can make your meals original and save on meal preparation time.


You can prepare vegetables in many ways - try the Starfrit accessories to vary the way you incorporate vegetables in healthier meals! 

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