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Why choose a small convection oven for your kitchen

Why choose a small convection oven for your kitchen

Small convection ovens for the kitchen have many advantages in the kitchen and it's why more and more families purchase one. Whether you use it as an oven or whether it complements your large kitchen oven, small convection ovens will charm you. See why a small convection oven is great for meal preparation.


Great for small spaces

A small convection oven is much smaller than traditional ovens and it takes up less space - great for small appartments, a VR / camper, student residences, or simply a kitchen with minimal space.

It can be installed on a kitchen counter to be accessible easily - it needs to be central in the kitchen as you will be using it daily.

Foods cook great

The "convection" function of small ovens have many advantages. First, it has many fans inside the unit to circulate the hot air everywhere, ths cooking foods more evenly and quickly than traditional ovens.

Second, compact convection ovens don't produce as much heat as traditional ovens - you kitchen won't get unecessarily hot. It does not need to preheat either, which is more efficient.

Third, it consumes less energy than traditional ovens - as it cooks at a lesser temperature and more quickly - typically 25% faster. In terms of energy, it takes typically 25F less, regardless of the food you cook, thus consuming less energy. 

Generally speaking, convection ovens (large or small) are very practical because they take less time to cook as the air circulates in the oven, and they cook healthier as the food retains its essential nutrients better than in traditional ovens.

The Starfrit Convection Oven

The small kitchen Air Fryer Convection Oven by Starfrit is the ideal kitchen small electric! You can cook a wide variety of foods to perfection! Tender on the outside, as well as on the inside.

This small oven is very complete: it offers 10 pre-set cooking modes as well as the "air fryer" function. It has a 23L (0.8 sq ft) capacity - large enough for a 12 inch pizza or 6 bread slices.

The foods that are cooked with this small convection oven is healthier as it requires little to no cooking oil. It is compact and is great as a stand alone in a small kitchen or as a complement to traditional ovens.

The Starfrit Air Fryer

Did you know Starfrit offered an Air Fryer? It takes less space than the oven on your counter and requires little to no oil when cooking. It has a capacity of 3.2L and uses convection to cook, resulting in tender and uniformly cooked foods.

Because it's smaller than the Air Fryer Convection Oven, this Air Fryer can be a great complement to traditional ovens, especially for individuals or couples as its capacity is less than the oven. For snacks or smaller meals, Air Fryer is your #1 choice!

If you have a question regarding the Air Fryer or the Air Fryer Convection Oven, don't hesitate to contact us. Our customer service agents will answer all your questions and concerns and can help choose which product is best for your needs. Simply fill the contact form on the CONTACT US link at the bottom of the page.