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Without a doubt, SECURIMAX AUTO is the safest can opener! It won't leave any sharp edges on the can or on the lid.
  • Can opener grips automatically
  • No sharp edges, either on the lid or the can
  • Patented lid lifter
  • For right and left handed use
  • Soft touch non-slip knob for improved comfort

NOTE: Wash carefully before first use.


  • Place the can on a flat horizontal surface.
  • PLACE CAN OPENER HORIZONTALLY ONTO THE CAN. Indicator should align with rim.
  • Turn knob clockwise while maintening can opener horizontal.
  • Knob will move towards the centre of body and will remain there.
  • Always remember to stop turning once can opener has cut rim one complete circle.
  • You will feel the resistance change. Never over-cut by more than 30 mm.
  • Turn knob counterclockwise to let go and knob will return to its natural position.
  • This will release the can. Your can is now open.
  • Do not pry the lid off with your fingers. Press button to engage lid lifter. Release button to drop lid.

  • If you continue to turn once the can is opened, this may create metal shavings. Dispose of can carefully.
  • Do NOT release the can opener from the can if the can opener has not cut the rim one complete circle yet.
  • If there is a need to stop the opening process, you can resume turning knob to continue at any time as required.
  • The can opener is designed for standard cylinder cans with diameter between 54 and 100 mm, weighing less than 1.5kg.
  • Best for rim height between 2.6 mm and 3.1 mm.

  • It is important to clean your can opener regularly. Use warm soapy water.
Three (3) year warranty with proof of purchase