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Faire du BBQ toute l’année, c’est possible!

Faire du BBQ toute l’année, c’est possible!

For all the BBQ lovers out there, did you know you could prepare BBQ meals all year around? With the Electric Interior BBQ Smokeless Grill, you won't need to wait until the snow dissapears to enjoy flavorful BBQ grilled meals!


Why purchase an indoor BBQ grill?

Having an indoor BBQ grill is ideal when simple yet tasty recipes on the BBQ can be brought into the kitchen. Contrary to the BBQ you use outside, the inside grill is smaller but can be used at any time during the year, even in Winter! You can savor grilled meats, vegetables or any other food that can be cooked on an outdoor BBQ!

The interior grill maximises food flavors - instead of placing food into the oven or grilled in a fry pan, use the interior BBQ to grill your favorite foods!

Preparing BBQ indoors safely

To prepare a barbecue meal inside the house, you need a good quality Electric Interior BBQ Grill. Because it's electric, your BBQ won't need propane gas or charcoal - simply use electricity - it's a safer alternative without giving up on taste.

It's important to choose a Smokeless Indoor BBQ Grill. When grilling inside the house, you want to avoid smoke as much as possible - the Starfrit Indoor Grill reduced harmful smoke.

The best indoor BBQ

An indoor BBQ grill will cook food as if they were on a standard exterior BBQ. The Rock surface treatment makes the surface non-stick and cleaning a breeze. A great combination for indoor grilling.

You will notice that under the Indoor BBQ Grill, a water filled tray is well positioned to gather excess fat produced by the food being cooked and reduces smoke considerably - it's another important safety aspect to consider when grilling inside your kitchen.

Barbecue season is now extended - grilling can be done at any month of the year with The Rock Electric Interior Smokeless Grill!