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Ceramic Santoku Knife (5")

Dimensions of product
5" Blade
Dishwasher safe
Did you know that ceramic blades are very sharp and stay up ten times longer than steel blades? Try them and you'll be hooked!
  • Cuts with precision
  • Ergonomically designed with soft grip handle
  • Protective sheath

NOTE: Wash carefully before first use.


  • Ceramic knives should be used to cut fruits, vegetables and boneless meats.
  • Do not use for carving, boning or in applications that require flexing or twisting.
  • Always use with plastic or wood cutting boards.
  • Do not use on marble, stone, glass, plates or tile.
  • Never put the blade in an open flame.
  • Avoid dropping on hard surfaces as it may cause knife to chip or break.
  • Do not use to mash garlic.
  • Hand wash with water and liquid dish soap.
  • Store in its protective cover or in a knife block.
  • Use care when storing and removing the knife from the knife block to avoid tip damage.
One year warranty with proof of purchase