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  • Why It Matters: One-Pot Meals

    You'd be amazed what you can cook up with The Rock One-Pot cookware! Saving families time, great way to use leftovers, and easy meal prep for singles!
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  • The Best Fondue Party Guide

    Like to have friends and family over and enjoy a long-lasting meal enriched by conversation , good food and good wine? The fondue party is the best way to achieve this!
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  • Cooking with Fresh Herbs

    Yes, we’ve all heard it… Fresh herbs taste better than dried ones. However, choosing, harvesting, pretreating and storing fresh herbs can often seem a little cloudy to the amateur cook. They are without a doubt one of the most particular ingredients out there and deserve to be treated as such. Today, we will shed light on some of these particularities as well as how and when to use herbs for everyday cooking.
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  • What is pressure cooking?

    Have you heard of the new cooking trend for busy families? Pressure cooking reduces cooking time by at least half, is safe and retains vitamins and nutrients of your food. Oh, let’s not forget, it makes tasty and flavorful results!
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  • Towards Healthier Food Choices

    Are you like me and have abused of the good food and drinks during the holidays? Now that it's behind us, our bodies are screaming for a more normal routine that includes healthier food choices.  Kilo Solution by Starfrit is a complete line of kitchen products that help you prepare and measure your evolution towards a healthier lifestyle. Here are the main products, practical and must-haves towards a more balanced diet. 
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  • 2017 Gift Guide

    Christmas shopping is now in full swing and we at Starfrit want to help you get a head start. If you are like me and short on gift ideas for your friends and family, try surprising them with products everyone will enjoy. With Starfrit’s complete lines of kitchen gadgets, cookware, small electric appliances and food storage items, you will be sure to find something for everyone on your list regardless of the budget.
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  • Start Stew Season on The Right Foot!

    As the chilly weather creeps in, we lie in search of comforting and wholesome meals to ease the transition. One popular example is the stew for its simplicity, accessibility, customizability and copiousness. Although it is an easy dish to cook, there are several misconceptions on some aspects of stewing worth addressing!
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  • Tea Infusion - 4 O’clock Can’t Come Soon Enough!

    Just when you thought infusion only involved dropping a tea bag into a microwaved cup of water… It turns out you can get a lot more out of your tea than you might think. However, less can sometimes be more in this case. To help clarify this paradox, let us go through the different methods you can adopt to make your tea drinking experience even more comforting, soothing and pleasant.
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  • Blending Flavors with the Push of a Button!

    Versatile, nutritious, customizable and surprisingly filling, the smoothie has become an effective and healthy hunger buster you can take with you everywhere.
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  • Tips for a Perfect Tomato Sauce

    Probably one of the most commonly cooked sauces (if not the most) is the tomato sauce. It is easy to make, versatile and has a very accessible flavor. What’s more is everyone has their own version: be it your neighbor’s version or your grandmother’s recipe passed down generations, there is a wide array of “best” tomato sauces out there. However, there are many ingredients and techniques you can bring to your sauce to pair it up with the greats.
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