• Cooking with Fresh Herbs

    Yes, we’ve all heard it… Fresh herbs taste better than dried ones. However, choosing, harvesting, pretreating and storing fresh herbs can often seem a little cloudy to the amateur cook. They are without a doubt one of the most particular ingredients out there and deserve to be treated as such. Today, we will shed light on some of these particularities as well as how and when to use herbs for everyday cooking.
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  • Duck confit parmentier

    Discover a duck confit version of the French classic. With a sweet potato puree flavored with rosemary and caramelized onions done with the Starfrit Electric Rotato Express, this all becomes child's play. And don't forget your The Rock Chef Knife as it will become your go-to cutting tool in the kitchen. Serve the duck with a refreshing mixed green salad and honey dressing, and Port reduction.
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  • Tonkin soup, rare beef with fresh coriander leaves

    Typical Vietnamese dish consisting of beef broth flavored with star anise, Sichuan pepper and fresh ginger served with rice noodles, thin slices of rare beef and fresh coriander. Bring all these flavors together easily with The Rock One-Pot by Starfrit.
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  • Deconstructed Pork Loin Roast

    Flavor packed classic and comfort recipe! An all time favorite by our chefs, at l'Atelier. Give yourself all the chances to make this recipe a tasteful adventure by using The Rock Roaster with Rack and Meat Thermometer by Starfrit, to get the cooking right!
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  • Smooth chocolate mousse with chocolate tiles, salted butter and passion fruit caramel

    Nothing will get in your way with the Egg Beater by Starfrit. To get this recipe on point and perfectly done and to reach a creamy, fluffy and stiff texture, you need the proper instruments at hand. Our chefs over here are, of course, standing by Starfrit to get the job done, in this Valentine's Day recipe!
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  • Tailgate Party Essentials

    As the big game approaches, every sports fan must make sure they have the right tools to grill, chill and celebrate. Once again, Starfrit wants to get you geared up for the tailgate of them all!
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  • Sticking with it: The New Year’s Challenge

    The New Year’s resolution is probably one of the hardest promises to keep (a promise made with yourself, that is). Be it taking up a new hobby, being a better coworker or learning to cook, the examples are limitless and often very ambitious and overwhelming. Perhaps the most popular one, as you may know, is getting in shape. However, people rarely follow up on these goals in the long term for many different reasons. In this blog, you will see the most common obstacles to goal attainment and how to avoid them.
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  • Chick peas and sesame hummus

    A nice side dish based on chick peas, roasted garlic and sesame paste, made possible with the Starfrit Food processor. Nothing compares to it and you absolutely need to have an extra smooth texture in order to yield all the flavors that are inside this classic recipe!
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  • Coriander and cumin lamb kofta with saffron rice

    Delicious saffron rice served with cumin and coriander lamb kofta. And if you want to give this recipe proper meaning you have get the proper instruments! All this easily done - and done well - with the 10-Piece Cookware set The Rock by Starfrit. The non-stick stewpot makes you easily feel as if you were a pro chef in the streets in the middle east.
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  • Pad Thai with crispy tofu and shrimps

    A classic recipe inspired from what's going on in Thailand. This dish is eaten by street vendors all around Bangkok. No need to rush with the Starfrit The Rock electric multi-pot. Feels like you're right back in these streets with wonderful flavors and perfumes, easily done! Impress your guests while staying right where you are.
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