• Turkey burger with Gruyere cheese

    Try this Turkey burger with melted Gruyere, creamy Dijon mustard and marinated red onions served with a baby spinach salad to get you psyched for spring! The Patty Stacker by Starfrit, comes in handy when molding and stacking your patties in one convenient container.
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  • My Sweet Rémy

    You'll love this after dinner cocktail without question. You can ensure a well-balanced drink with the Starfrit Cocktail Shaker and an ideal presentation and temperature with the Double Wall Glass Coffee Cup by Starfrit.
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  • Cocktail - Marga del Sol

    An original Margarita with coriander flavors… the best! Our mixologists bring tangy and sour together in one tasty cocktail, with the Cocktail Rimmer, by Starfrit.
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  • Shrimp spring rolls served with a peanut butter sauce

    Fresh rolls made from rice sheet and garnished with mint, mango and cooked shrimp, served with a delicious peanut butter sauce. It is crucial to have all the veggies cut as thin as possible with the help of the Easy Mandolin and The Rock Utility Knife by Starfrit.
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  • Spring Cleaning… Why Not Start with the Kitchen?

    The kitchen is without a doubt one of the most crammed rooms in a household. It contains rarely used gadgets, foods, containers and other accessories that all require efficient storage. This notion is especially relevant when it comes to smaller kitchens as in apartments or condos.
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  • Coffee covered shortbread cookies

    Delicious mini shortbread cookies with a diamond pattern on top. Baking often requires absolute precision when measuring which is why you should use the nutritional scale as well as the measuring spoons and collapsible cups, by Starfrit.
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  • Bruschetta with goat cheese, fresh basil, sundried tomatoes

    Canapés of diced and sundried tomatoes, red onions, garlic all slightly cooked and served on warm baguette croutons and garnished with a basil chiffonade and crumbled goat cheese. Done in one easy step with the Food Processor by Starfrit!
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  • Risotto express with mushrooms and duck confit

    Delicious Italian flavors with a hint of white truffle oil. Simple and very effective when using the herb scissors and the Easy Rotary Grater by Starfrit! You will be saving lots of time and effort.
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  • Pulled chicken penne with creamy lemon sauce

    A very simple leftover recipe delivered in good taste and all done in one cooking utensil with The Rock One Pot, by Starfrit. With its creamy lemon sauce, this dish will be sure to please young and old alike!
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  • Veggie Spring Rolls with Peanut Dipping Sauce

    Looking to add more vegetables into your diet? This Asian-inspired vegetable spring rolls will do the trick. Dipping in the peanut sauce adds the right touch to make this meal irresistible. Prepare-them with the kids, they will love helping out, and most of all, eating with their hands! The Starfrit Electric Spiralizer is used to cut vegetables and make the job easy.
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